Petrolicious: Even Ferrari ownership isn’t out of reach

Our friends at Petrolicious put together some amazing content.    They recently released this video regarding Ferrari owners on the other side of the Atlantic.   We thought the message of the video – that a Ferrari isn’t out of reach – carries over to many classics.  Taking that step to own a non-traditional vehicle has many hurdles.  Whether a “mature” daily driver or a 2nd vehicle there is extra time and effort that buying a new Toyota doesn’t have.  Check out this quick video and make sure to have your volume up so you can hear the engine of the V12 412 Ferrari.

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1980 USGP Toyota Celica GT – Kansas City, MO

Seller offering a 1980 US Grand Prix edition Toyota Celica GT with undisclosed miles for $6,561.  600 US Grand Prix edition Toyota Celica’s were produced in 1980.   200 of those were red, 200 were white, and 200 were blue.   Seller says this comes with complete and details service history, window stickers, sales brochure, and yearly mileage reports.   Seller says it runs and drives excellent.

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37k miles: 1987 Mercedes Benz 190E – Lee’s Summit, MO

Seller offering a 1987 Mercedes Benz 190E with a reported 37,000 miles for $2,800.   Seller is the second owner who purchased it from the original owners in Smithville.  Since then, seller discloses that it has developed a fuel problem.  Apparently the vehicle starts and runs for 30-45 seconds and then begins to “cough” like it isn’t receiving fuel.  Seller says the fuel filter and pump have been replaced.   Otherwise, aside from fading paint the body is is good condition and the inside looks like new.

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1987 Porsche 911 Carrera – Kansas City, MO

Seller offering a 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera with 97,736 miles for $55,000.  Originally a California vehicle, it was registered in Kansas in 1993.  Seller says it has been garaged its entire life and has not been driven in snow and ice.  As a result, there is no rust or salt damage.  Exterior and interior are reported to be in excellent condition and pictures reflect that.   The black on black color combination is strong – especially for a vehicle with nearly 100,000 miles.
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Cherry 1964 Ford Country Squire Wagon – Marshall, MO

Seller offering a 1964 Ford Country Squire wagon with a reported 85,000 miles for $17,500.   Seller says it is equipped with a 352 cubic inch V8, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, hang-on A/C, and electric operated rear window.  Outfitted with 20″ rears and 17″ front wheels with set of 18″ wheels.  Paint and simulated wood grain panel exterior are in excellent condition.
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2013 BMW M5 – Olathe, KS

Seller offering a 2013 BMW M5 with 58,917 miles for 37,980.  What’s the big deal about the M5?  It’s all about the 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 that generates 500 ft-lb of torque, 560 hp and a 0-60 that Car & Driver reported to be under 4 seconds.  Seller says this example is accident free and is in pristine condition.  Options include night vision with human recognition, 20″ “M” star-spoke allow wheels, launch control heads-up display, 3D navigation, merion leather interior, massage seats, heated & cooled front seeats, heated rear seats, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and Alcantara headliner.   Spec’ed out, seller reports a initial sticker price of $112,000.     You can even put a car seat in the back.

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One-of-a-kind 1989 Pistol – Tonganoxie, KS

Seller offering a 1989 Pistol with undisclosed miles for $7,500.  Custom built by the seller, this roadster has a handbuilt body, ’89 Ford Ranger fuel injected 4-cylinder engine and running gear, and 4-speed manual transmission.   We see a lot of kit cars and one-off builds and think this is a fun example.  We like the dual horns, front headlights, and side-mounted spare tires.  Like seller says, this would be fun to cruise around town or to take out in a parade.  You’re sure to get a lot of questions.

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2010 Mercedes Benz E63 – Leavenworth, KS

Seller offering a 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 with 69,515 miles for $20,500.  Seller discloses that it had front end damage which was repaired in their shop.  Otherwise, the E63 is reported to run and ride amazing.  With a 518 hp, a 0-60 in a flat 4 seconds and top governed speed of 186 mph you know this is more than just a 4-door sedan.

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