14k original miles 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom – Richmond, MO

Seller offering a 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom with a reported 14,000 original miles at auction with a current bid of $4,550 (9 bids).  Auction ends Sunday, 8/26/18 at 6:10 PM.    Seller describes this as remarkably preserved and rust free after being in storage for 50 years.   Some expected work has been done including new tires, new exhaust, fuel system has been completely rebuilt and cleaned.  Seller says the engine starts and runs well and the Hydramatic transmission engages promptly.

We like well preserved low mileage examples.  Some times cars and their design age better than their initial reception.   Two tone green pain over plenty of chrome trim grabs attention.  Our only beef is we wish it had wider white wall tires.

We like the swooping armrest on the driver and passenger side.   We are curious what all three cranks on the door do – roll up window, side vent, and the third?  This example is the Golden Airflyte model – the top of the line model at the time.

This 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom Golden Airflyte is for sale in Richmond, Missouri.  Check out seller’s listing on eBay for full details and contact information.