1959 Luger Wood Ski Boat – Pleasant Hill, MO

Seller offering a meticulously restored 16′ 1959 Luger speedboat at auction on eBay with a current bid of $3,049 (12 bids).  Auction ends Tuesday, September 18 at 10:05 pm.  Includes matching out Evinrude 50 hp and 15 hp outboard engines,  cutom trailer and Missouri titled boat, trailer and engines.

Seller offers a detailed description of the  of the boat and restoration along with a website that has a great description of the restoration.  Check out seller’s listing on.

In the late 1950’s, Luger Mfg. was known for a pre-assembled boat kit which used Mahogany plywood.  This is the rare and desirable 16’ Fleetwood model.  It was a quality build at the time and garage stored for decades. The boat surfaced at an auction 8 years ago and fell into an amateur disassembly. I purchased the boat and gave a 2 year full restoration, finishing Spring 2017.

The exterior of the boat was stripped and checked– no rot or panel replacement needed whatsoever. All glue joints were tight and repaired when needed.  The rear transom joints were strengthened with Thixo epoxy and stainless screws. The original bottom fiberglass was secure. All exterior wood received a coating of “TotalBoat” High Performance marine epoxy to penetrant the seal the wood. I have used only Total Boat Works products on the boat with a professionally sprayed Wet Edge exterior paint and brushed Envy 2-part Varnish. The top wood does retain character of some minor blemishes, marks and repairs, showing its originality under the new coatings. The chrome is great and original, with the exception of windshield mount were professionally re-chrome plated.  Dash gauges are original including the “Evinrude” cluster. The speedo is complete but non-functioning as we use GPS. The large exterior horn and search lights were removed to fit the performance look, however a new horn can be added with original switch. Fuel gauge is non-functioning as the boat was converted to safer lift out tanks (see outboard). The steering wheel has nice original paint with new cables, spring and motor block. All wiring front to rear is new correct reproduction quality. Interior features new 1950’s auto restoration convertible hook and loop carpet on a vinyl back. Seat cushions are all new and custom made for the boat. Flooring is new ribbed heavy duty rubber. Deck stripes were added before the top coat for style and the windshield has been chopped for looks, it has been repolished and shows no cracking or yellowing. All lights function and have been rebuilt and correctly wired with fuse block. Battery is a new marine type with era-correct battery cover to look vintage. Includes a matching antique ski bar, it has been fully polished and new hardware – it is removable. This boat received a full Highway Patrol inspection and new DOR numbers and attached tag Missouri Title.

A matching 1959 Evinrude 50 HP “Golden Jubilee” outboard is currently mounted.  This engine is low use, always garage stored and very correct. All emblems are original with no cracking or flaking, all chrome badges are original and in mint condition. Engine cover has no cracking and was professionally sprayed with lacquer to match the boat colors.  Lower unit has 70% its original paint in excellent shape, with a fresh respray on the bottom 30%. Upon restoration,  one original plug showed a thread issue, so I correctly replaced the entire cylinder head instead of a Helicoil fix. All cylinders show minimal wear and very good compression. The lower unit has been cleaned inspected and new seals and bearings. Carburetor has been rebuilt including new floats.  Also rebuilt fuel pump.  All hoses and lines are new. Magneto is strong and points condensers replaced as well as both belts. Starter motor has been rebuilt as well. Wiring harness is original and in very good condition with a correct restored junction box. This motor does have a generator however the regulator has been removed as a new electronic module would be preferred.  Throttle and gear control cables and steering pulley block were replaced. This outboard requires a 20:1 mix. I run a new removable 6 gal. tank and use and original 6 gal. vintage tank, with all new lines. Includes new Missouri Title.

A second outboard is also included in this sale — a 1959/60 Evinrude 18HP engine.  We have a HP restriction on a local lake, s this was purchased from a local outboard reseller/repair for the occasional trip to this specific lake.  Carburetor  was rebuilt and cleaned /inspected lower unit and seals. I replaced the coils and points and added a built in wiring harness to ease engine swaps. I repainted the exterior with automotive urethane in matching colors and also used new decals. Includes new Missouri Title.

Includes 2 year old ropes, buoy/fender bumpers,  new ski rope, and new 2 person pull behind inflatable. Also one pair of vintage wood skies for show (need refinished). (NOTE:  Boat cover is not included. )

I loved restoring this boat and driving it, however our family members are uncomfortable on the water.  I have only had it out 2x this summer, as we moved onto a more family friendly project. Viewing is available. 

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Youtube links: 50Hp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MdZ3H3c9e4