1959 Red Fish – Drexel, MO

Seller offering a 17′ 1959 Red Fish for $9,499.   Seller provides detailed pictures and description of the boat that highlight its ups and downs.  Seller says the boat is completely original and is in good running condition.  Includes 50-hp Evinrude Starflite  outboard engine.

Seller says the boat comes with a newly painted trailer with new bunks, carpet, and bearings.   We like the lines of the boat and are curious about how many  decibels  the two horns produce.

The Star Fish boat company began in Clarksville, Texas in the 1950’s and suffered a tragic fire in 1955 which could have ended the company.  Instead, aggressive styling and strong demand left the company with a production of $3 million worth of boats in 1959.  Some of the fiberglass production came from a plant in Iola, Kansas.   In 1959 the 17′ Star Fish came in several different configurations from a single bench seat, two parallel bench seats, and the 3-seater model with a front bench seat and two facing bench seats in the rear.

This 1959 Star Fish is for sale in Drexel, Missouri.  Check out seller’s listing on Boat Trader for full details and seller’s contact information.