1969 King Midget Model 3 – Ottawa, KS

Seller offering a 1969 King Midget Model 3 for $2,000.  No odometer and with a top speed of under 50 mph – I can’t imagine that it’s gone very far?  King Midget produced micro cars between 1946 and 1970.    Primarily sold through direct marketing, their vehicles were both kit and pre-assembled vehicles.   Not to be confused with the Tesla Model 3, the King Midget “Model 3″ had a 76.5” wheelbase, four-wheel hydraulic brakes and the option of a 12 hp single cylinder engine or a 12-volt electrical system.  Approximately 5,000 were built during the entire life of the company.   Seller says this example runs and drives but needs brake work.  Includes forward and reverse, seller also says it is street legal.  No title – bill of sale only.

The Model 3 was the most advanced and strongest body (i.e. fixed body components welded together for strength).  With a price tag of $900, the Model 3 included two seats, a pull start (no electric starter), and no speedometer.  The company went bankrupt in 1970, a result that probably would have come with the advent of US safety regulations.

We think this looks like a great neighborhood cruiser (i.e. better than a golf cart).  Underneath the dust and grime you might find a gem.  This 1969 King Midget Model 3 is for sale in Ottawa, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Facebook Marketplace for full details and contact information.