“1972 Ferrari” Daytona (kit) – Kansas City, Mo

Seller offering a 1972 Ferrari 365 Convertible Kit car built on a 1981 Corvette with 13,000 miles since rebuild for $19,500.  Seller says the kit was provided by McBurnie Coachcraft – the same kit used in Miami Vice.  Interior is largely “Corvette”  Originally a 1981 Corvette, previous owner rebuilt the car in 1991 and added 13,000 miles in the subsequent 25+ years of ownership.  Everything was replaced or rebuilt during the rebuild and retitled in Missouri as a 1991 specially constructed vehicle (clean title).  Seller says it runs and drives great – probably needs new tires and some paint chips, scratches and a couple of “star marks” on the hood.

The McBurnie Coachcraft California Daytona Spyder is probably the best known, but least accurate copy of the car.  Only 127 REAL Daytona Spyders were produced.  During Miami Vice, most viewers thought it was some kind of Corvette hybrid.  The interior was pretty much Corvette, the doors were too long and lacked quarter lights compared to the original.  Tom Mcburnie started in the specialty car business as a full time vocation in 1978.  Details are not solid but reports are McBurnie only produced a few dozen Daytona Spyder replicas before Ferrari shut his production line down.  Check out the seller’s listing on eBay with a buy it now price of $19,500.