1972 GMC 3 Door Suburban – Pomona, KS

Seller offering a 1972 GMC 3-door Suburban with 48,642 miles on a 6-digit for $10,200.  On a per pound basis, this is a great deal.   Pictures show a solid exterior and interior but seller offers only a few details.   Equipped with a 402 cubic inch V8, seller says heads are newly redone, new internal regulator alternator, new brakes, and new fuel system.   Seller notes that the A/C works great, runs, and drives great but there is some rust in normal places and the A/C needs to be charged each year.  

The Suburban represents the longest running model in automotive history – beginning in 1935 and running to today.   Pea Green and just 3-doors, we’re curious why GMC didn’t include the 4th door.  One theory is they were used as rural school buses or people carriers (like vans) which allowed passengers to safely enter/exit on the curb side of the vehicle. 1972 represents the last year of the 3-door that was introduced in 1967.

Differences between the GMC and Chevrolet Suburban are slight.  Interior trim, seat styles, consuls, etc. were the only differences.   We wish the seller had more details on whether this Suburban has undergone any restoration or is completely original.

We like the bare-bones interior.  Bench front and rear seats, automatic transmission, and working A/C make this a great cruiser with 4×4 capabilities. This 1972 GMC Suburban is for sale in Pomona, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and seller’s contact information.

2 thoughts on “1972 GMC 3 Door Suburban – Pomona, KS

  1. Jason Spielman

    I am the owner of the 72 suburban. I bought it 4 years ago from a guy in Liberty, Missouri. I was told by him that everthing was original. I would be happy to answer any questions about the suburban. I am not person that knows a lot about automobiles. I bought it because i liked it. I dont really have to sell it just want to sell it.