1972 Opel GT – Blue Mound, Kansas

Seller offering a 1972 Opel GT with undisclosed miles for $2,500.  Seller provides more pictures than details on the vehicle but discloses that it is fairly solid, does not run, but the engine turns.  Pictures show a lot of underbody rust but no major body issues (i.e. missing or dented surfaces). Seller wants to move on to another project.  Some new parts come with the vehicle along with a clear title.  Seller has a parts car that could be worked into the deal as well.

Sold in Buick dealerships in the United States, the Opel GT was produced from 1968-1973 and was introduced with two engine options – either a 1.1L straight-4 engine which produced a whopping 67 hp or a 1.9L camshaft in head engine which produced 102 hp. Like many vehicles in the early 70’s, emissions regulations forced Opel to reduce compression ratio of the 1.9 L engine to produce 83 hp (that’s over 20% reduction in power).   The vehicle came with either a 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic.  This example looks like the automatic version.   More impressive than what was under the hood was the GT’s styling with a hatch back (not hatch though) and pop-up front lights.  Around 70,000 GT’s were sold in the US during the 5-year production run.  This 1972 Opel GT is for sale in Blue Mound, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details (pictures) and contact information.