1974 Mercedes 280c – Silverlake, KS


A bit outside the KC area but worthy of being featured.  This W114 blends the appearance of the 60’s and 70’s mercedes classics with some sporty features like the pillarless hardtop design.  Under the hood is a 2.8L, 6-cylinder, 167 ci engine with an advertised 130 original hp and a 0-60 time of 12.4 seconds and top speed of 118 mph.   This car isn’t about brute power though.  This example has 182k and is currently being offered for $4,800.

This example includes an automatic transmission, power windows, power antenna, full wheel covers, 4-wheel disc brakes, independent rear suspension, A/C (not sure if the A/C works), and all owners manuals.   Completely original – except the radio – this Mercedes has the badge for 250,000 kilometers (155,000 miles) on the grille.  Beige exterior, brown leather interior, new tires, battery, and air filter its a driver.  Check out the listing on Craigslist for full details: