1984 Rolls Royce Corniche – Overland Park, KS

Seller offering a 1984 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible with 56,000 miles for $23,400.   Seller offers few details but all pictures show this to be a complete example in great shape.  Seeing that there are palm trees in the pictures, we’re assuming that it hasn’t spent its entire life in Kansas City – not a bad thing to avoid winter salt as long as its not too close to the salt that comes from the ocean.

The first generation Corniche was produced from 1971-1987.  Several changes were made during the first generation but all included the 6.75L V8 paired with a 3-speed automatic transmission.  All aluminum radiator and oil cooler were added to the Corniche in 1977.   Many say this generation of Rolls Royce enjoyed craftsmanship measured in number of man hours that far exceeds the Rolls Royce produced today.  That craftsmanship wasn’t without expensive fixes/problems though.  As with any exotic luxury car, service records are everything and that would probably be one of the first questions to ask the seller.  This 1984 Rolls Royce Corniche  Convertible is for sale in Overland Park, Kansas.  Check out sellers’s listing on Craigslist for details and contact information.