1985 Honda Gyro S – Greeley, KS

Seller offering a 1985 Honda Gyro S scooter with 1,500 miles for $1,500.   If you’ve never seen a Gyro, your probably not alone.  The distinctive feature of the 3-wheeled scooter is the body of the bike was able to lean up to 40 degrees as the driver leans into a turn.  Even with a weight of 140 lbs it’s 4-hp engine could only slowly propel the scooter to a top speed of 30 mph.   Think slow motion style points rather than speed.  The Gyro S was only produced in the United States for 2 years – hence there is some novelty to these.   We wish the seller had provided more pictures.  This 1985 Honda Gyro S is for sale in Greeley, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Facebook Marketplace for full details and seller’s contact information.