1986 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible – Lee’s Summit, MO

Cherry 1986 Chrysler LaBaron convertible with 62,000 miles.  All original, seller has never driven in the rain or snow during 14 years of ownership.  The K-Compact LaBaron was produced been 1982-1988 in a coupe, sedan, convertible, and wagon.  Yellow exterior and tan leather interior – this is a great example at $6,000.

Equipped with a 2.2L 4-cylindar and a 3-speed transmission that produced 93-hp. Many of the LaBarons were equipped with the electronic voice alert system – technology developed by Texas Instruments. The system could automatically lower the radio volume and deliver eleven different spoken warning messages via a speech synthesizer (i.e. the car talked to you).  Considered the height of technology at the time, the system could remind you to fasten your seat belt, check oil levels, fill up your gas tank and more.   For those that didn’t like the reminders, simply removing a fuse in the glovebox could disable the system.  Check out the seller’s listing for full details and contact information