1989 Cadillac Allante – Overland Park, KS

Seller offering a 1989 Cadillac Allante with 42,700 for $11,300.   Seller is the second owner and says everything works and the car drives like new.   The soft top is reported to be in excellent condition.  The vehicle comes with the original hard top, hard top cover, hard top stand, new Goodyear tires and the original wheels.  Probably the most early 90’s feature of the Allante is the dash and control panel.  Completely electric, it’s all buttons and no knobs or manual controls.

The Allante was equipped with Cadillac’s 4.5L HT-4500 V8 and a 4-speed F-7 automatic transmission which produced 200 hp.   With 0-60 time of 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 122 mph, think more cruiser than sports car.   The base price in 1989 was over $57,000.

Nice color combination with a red body over white leather interior.  We like the dash instrument panel probably the most.  This 1989 Cadillac Allante is for sale in Overland Park, Kansas.  Check out the seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and contact information.