1989 Citroen CX25 Turbo 2 – Olathe, KS

  1. Seller offering a cherry 1989 Citroen CXI A Turbo with 88,000 miles for $22,500.   Maybe one of the most distinctive body styles ever produced but rarely seen in the US.  Seller believes only 500 of this model were imported to the United States.  Seller is the 2nd owner of the vehicle and says it has always been garaged and serviced by a Citroen dealer (curious where that dealer is).   Pictures look great – white body is rust free and maroon leather interior appears to be free from any tears or cracking.  Have you ever seen a stitching pattern like this on any other seat? Check out the single spoke steering wheel – awesome.
    The CX was never widely sold in the United States due to US various US regulations that prohibited design and technologies integral to the CX.   The Turbo 2 was powered by a turbocharged 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine which produced 166 hp, a 0-60 of 7.8 seconds, and a top speed of a reported 139 mph.   Not known for acceleration from a stop, the CX’s aerodynamic body style and efficient engine helped with top end cruising speeds. Probably not a coincidence that the Prius and other hyper efficient newer vehicles look very similar to the CX.

The unique features of the CX were not limited to the exterior.  Notice that all of the headlight and windshield wiper controls are mounted to the dash instead of attached to the steering wheel via a stalk.  The driving experience with the single spoke steering wheel and 5-speed manual transmission is reported to be similarly unique.

This 1991 Citroen CX25 GTi Turbo 2 is for sale in Olathe, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing for more details and seller’s contact information.