1989 Ford Tiffany – Topeka, KS

Seller offering a 1989 Ford Tiffany with 8,200 miles for $50,000. This example has a two-tone black and maroon exterior with a black carriage top.  Interior is a deep red fabric and includes a wired cell phone on the dash.   Pictures don’t reveal and paint or body issues.  Overall looks to be in great condition.

The Tiffany was built by Classic Motor Carriages of Florida and based on the 1988 Mercury Cougar.  Numbers vary but only a reported 49 were made. Fiberglass front and rear panels, elongated chassis, Ford driveline with a 5.0L 302 fuel injected engine.  Similar to the Zimmer, these vehicles have developed a cult following.  Check out seller’s listing on eBay for more details and contact information.