1991 Daihatsu Mini Dump Truck – Paola, KS

Opportunities are endless with a Daihatsu mini dump truck.  This 2nd generation HiJet is of Japanese origin.   6ft wheelbase, slightly over 10 feet total length, 3 cylinder 38 hp engine, 800 lb. hydraulic bed, and a curb weight of 1,540 lbs, this looks like fun.  Seller discloses that the truck is currently out of commission due to a broken throttle rod – a $70 part plus time to install.  Seller asking $5,500.

Seller has upgraded the suspension with a 2 inch lift and knobby tires.  In addition to hauling a weed eater around the yard, I’m sure someone could be very creative with uses for this truck.  Motorcycle/ATV transport?  Also added a LED light in the rear. No mileage disclosed.  Condition looks fair – pictures don’t show any major rust or body damage. Seller asking $5,500. Check out the ad on Craigslist.