1992 Infiniti M30 – North Kansas City

The first generation of the M series Infiniti, the M30 convertible was introduced in 1991.  Originally a coupe, all Infiniti convertibles were manufactured in Japan and shipped to California to be converted by a 3rd party.  Only 3,100 convertibles were made.  Other than the electronic convertible top, the only difference from the coupe was manual climate controls and an active sound audio system.   This example looks to be very well maintained.  Seller has recently changed the timing belt, water pump, drive belts, brakes, CV axles, tires and completed a 4-wheel alignment (with receipts to show all maintenance).  With 135,000 original miles, seller currently asking $4,500.

Well-preserved Japanese vehicles of this vintage are not very common.  A little too new to be collectible and a little too old to be up-to-date, these vehicles may have some upside in addition to being a reliable cruiser.   Seats do show some wear – especially on the upper drivers seat.  Likely the result of age and not wear.  Carpets are remarkably white and stain-free (who has clean white anything?).  Overall a meticulously maintained example. Powered by Nissan’s 3L V6 engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission it produced a respectable 162 hp.   Check out the seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and seller contact information.