1993 Land Rover Defender 110 – Shawnee Mission, KS

1992 left had drive Defender 110 4×4 Country Wagon recently imported from France.  In original condition, this example has a 200tdi (diesel) engine that was reconditioned 25,000 miles ago.  Handling via a 5-speed manual LT77 gearbox, 5 new Michelin tires, 2-inch suspension lift with all new suspension via heavy duty springs.  The army green paint and graphics package looks to be original.    Interior looks to be original with 9 passenger seating.  In addition to side panel skylights, also has a popup sunroof.  Wingtip diamond plating and waxoiled undercarriage has helped preserve this vehicle. Overall, tasteful upgrades that compliment the original form.  Currently has 203,000 miles and seller asking $40,000

To import a Defender 110 or 90 into the United States, it should be 25-years or older.  At this age, the vehicle is exempt from DOT import laws.  Some importers and foreign companies have been caught “retrofitting” Defenders to get around import restrictions.  Those “retrofits” involved putting a VIN from an older vehicle on a newer one or taking a new vehicle and rebuilding it with parts from newer vehicles.  Both of these situation resulted in significant fines and confiscation of vehicles.   As a result, if you’re looking for a Defender its probably going to be at least 25 years old or a newer one that was imported by Land Rover for the US market.   Most reputable seller suggest consulting an expert on this issue before purchasing a vehicle.  Check out the listing on AutoTrader for most details and seller contact information: