1994 Mercedes SL 600 – Kansas City

V12 Mercedes power in this 1994 SL 600 with 112,000 miles.  Includes hard and soft top.  Appears that the seller has taken care of a number of maintenance issues including new tires at 100,000 miles, rebuilt soft top pumps (all 12), replaced electronic actuators and mass air flow sensors.  New electronic wiring harness for injectors.  Looking through the seller’s pictures, the body and interior are in good shape.   Retailed for $145,000 in 1994.  Seller asking $8,900

The R129 body style (1992-2002) offered a presence that some newer models lack.  Probably sharing more with the S-Class coupes than the newer SLs.  The SL600 was the top of the line model and had lower production numbers (11,089 between 1992 – 2001).  The 6.0 L 48 valve DOHC V12 conservatively produced 390 hp @ 5,200 RPM.  Thats 60 more hp than the 500 SL but also almost 300 lbs heavier.  In addition to the larger engine, the SL 600 had more options, better stereo system, etc.  The retractable roll bar is automatically raised when the car experiences impacts greater than 4G or 23º of roll.  Note also that the MB engineers give you two hood latching fixtures to keep the hood from vibrating at speeds over 150mph.  German engineering. Check out the seller’s listing on Craigslist.