1996 4-door Ford Bronco – Topeka, KS

Seller offering a  Centurion conversion 1996 4-door Ford Bronco with 240,000 miles for $12,500.   These rare head-turnesr extend the standard 2-door Bronco into 4 doors and upgrade the interior with leather captains chairs in the front and middle row, a bench 3rd row seat, heated and cooled cup holders, and more.  Powered by a 7.3L diesel V8 and put on a the Ford F-350 chassis, the Bronco has a 140″ wheelbase (9″ longer than the Suburban).  A lot of miles but the vehicle looks to be strong.  Expected cracking and wear on the leather interior.

The Centurion Classic was built beginning in 1980 to compete with the popular GM Suburban.  Starting with the back body components of a Ford Bronco and the front body of either a F-150 or F-350 the result was a 4-door Bronco.  Power plants ranged from a 5.0L to 7.5L V8’s – plenty of displacement.   Interior trim on the Centurions included color televisions (check out that V antenna on the roof), VCRs, heated/cooled cup holders, seating for up to 9, and a removable hardtop.  This 1996 Ford Bronco 4-door Centurion Conversion is for sale in Topeka, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and contact information.

One thought on “1996 4-door Ford Bronco – Topeka, KS

  1. Alex

    I had no idea the 4-door Bronco was an aftermarket custom job. I just figured they were a limited production run by Ford. Learn something new every day. Will be interesting to see the 2020 Bronco. Looks like it will be more early model Bronco and less late model. Two completely different trucks if you ask me (i.e. Suburban versus Wrangler).