3-Month Anniversary: Your Feedback

We’ve passed our 3-month anniversary and thought this would be a good time to get your feedback (during a short break from posting).  Share your feedback in the comment section:

  • Are there any cars for sale that we are missing or places you think we should be looking?   While we know of many specialty sellers in the Kansas City area, we may have missed some.  We appreciate those of you that that forward their vehicles for sale or ads they’ve found!
  • Is 3-5 featured vehicles a day enough?
  • Do you read the write-ups/descriptions or do you just look at the pictures (we like car porn too)?
  • Our goal with GarageLust KC is to create a site where reader comments are as interesting as the cars we feature.   Since this is targeted towards the Kansas City area we think comments can be even more insightful than a national site.
    • Do you personally know about the vehicle we’ve featured?
    • Have you seen it at local shows or in your neighborhood?
    • Do you know someone who has worked on the vehicle? 
    • Have you seen it for sale another place?   
    • Is there anything unique or out of place that readers should know about?   
    • What do you think about the price?

Three months later we are still having fun.  It’s great to see the word spreading about GarageLust KC as we visit car shows and talk to enthusiasts.  A couple of details about the Daytona below the break.

PS: The pictured ’69 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona “Competizione” is one of fifteen track-ready versions built by Ferrari.  This one raced in the 1971 24-hours of Le Mans and placed 5th as well as competing in several US events including at Sebring and Daytona.  It was for sale at an auction earlier this summer and the auction estimate was in the 8-digits.



One thought on “3-Month Anniversary: Your Feedback

  1. Eric S

    1. Wish there were more exclusives or previews – would certainly be more interest if this was the only place to find a vehicle for sale (i.e. seller’s want to avoid the scams and hacks that Craigslist probably brings)
    2. Bring a Trailer is at a tipping point where they almost have too many. I think they have 15 cars a day and it’s hard to keep track of. I like the smaller number but understand that means more work for you guys. 5 is probably the sweet spot – odds are that there will be something I like and will click on.
    3. I like some of the facts and background you provide – enjoy learning something about the vehicle if I’m interested. If it isn’t something I am interested in then I probably won’t click on it.
    4. I’ve talked to my friends about the site and a couple of them signed up for the email. I think it will take a critical mass of commenters before I join in. I agree that BaT comment section is probably the best part of their site. I also agree that being a local site could make this more interesting. A relatively small world when you consider those of us who go to car shows, belong to car clubs, and talk with other car people. Could be some insightful comments if it catches on.