6-Car Garage – Overland Park, KS

A key part of car ownership is having some place to put them.  The more garage space, the better.   We’ve been known to keep an eye out for local properties that have better than average car storage.    Similar to the cars we feature, we’ll ask you to keep an eye out for homes for sale in the Kansas City area with unique, large, cool and interesting Garages.  We’ll try to feature them from time-to-time.

Check out this 6-car garage in Overland Park.  Although we count 5 garage door openings in the picture, the listing says room for 6 cars.   Appears to be extra wide/deep garages so there may be extra room.  We think there is enough height for lifts if 6 parking spots are not enough.  The previous owner may have been a fan of exotics (Lamborghini emblem on the floor).     Check out seller’s listing at Reece Nichols for full details and contact information.