64k original miles 1984 Honda Prelude – Lansing, KS

Seller offering a 1984 Honda Prelude with a reported 64,000 original miles for $3,900.  More nostalgia that desire to own one inspires us to post these low mileage 80’s and 90’s imports.  Not quite old enough to be a classic but analog enough that young kids think it’s “old”.   Seller says this Honda has a new paint job, runs well, excellent tires, and fair interior.   Includes owner’s manual, shop manual, and most shop records.

Looking back, the 2nd generation Prelude is almost bland by when compared with the 4th and 5th generation.  Equipped with an inline-4 which produces 100-hp and a 4-speed automatic transmission, 1984 Car and Driver said the Prelude “looks terrific”  and “seeing one knife through traffic gives the onlooker a feeling that it will be very special when he sits down at the controls, and it is”.

Probably the most notable aspect of this generation of Honda was reliability.  When their American counterparts struggled to stay reliable past 100k miles, Hondas were getting broken in at 200k.   If the mileage checks out and the interior is in better than fair condition we think this is has some potential.  This 1984 Honda Prelude is for sale in Lansing, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and contact information.