83k original miles 1983 Honda Accord – Kansas City, KS

Seller offering a pristine 1983 Honda Accord with 82,000 original miles for $4,650.   A time capsule to 1983, we like the square body, blue velour interior, and original am/fm cassette radio.  Seller says almost perfect original metallic sky blue paint and clean and original blue pinstriped velour interior.

Seller also describes some issues – the vehicle sometimes stalls when shifting from park to reverse/drive, a possible vacuum leak, and carburetor may need work.

The value in this vehicle probably doesn’t revolve around the 4-cylinder engine.  Original exterior, dash, and solid interior are what bring back the memories.

This 1983 Honda Accord is for sale in Kansas City, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for more details and seller’s contact information.