Armored 1992 Mercedes Benze 500 SEL – Olathe, KS


Seller offering a 1992 Mercedes Benz 500SEL with undisclosed miles for $800. The unique option on this Mercedes is the bullet proof glass.  Originally from New York, seller says the vehicle needs a new transmission.  Otherwise, the engine and interior are intact.  Seller’s photos show a lot of wear on the exterior and interior.  Maybe the result of high speed chases?

The 500 SEL was available in several armored versions – on both the 5L V8 and 6L V12.   Not clear if this is a factory version or the Mercedes S-guard which featured capabilities like withstanding small arms fire and certain explosive devices, self-sealing fuel tank, and an alarm system.  The S-Guard was used for diplomatic level protection.  Over 90 governments worldwide used the S-guard Mercedes.   Depending on the armor package, significant additional weight could require additional suspension and and other upgrades as well.  Check out Craigslist for details and seller contact information.