Classic early restoration 1941 Plymouth Woody – Merriam, KS

Seller offering a pre-war 1941 4-door Plymouth Woody with undisclosed miles for $36,900.  Red exterior, black vinyl top over tan interior with birch paneling.  Seller says an older restoration was done but the vehicle includes the original flathead 6-cylinder engine and 3-speed transmission.  Body looks to be in good condition but more close-up pictures would help.  Seller says the vehicle rides/drives great.

1941 was the first year the buyer could choose the exterior wood finish of the vehicle.  The frame was made of white ash but the panels could be finished in white maple or Honduras mahogany.  I’m not a wood expert but this appears to be white maple.  In 1941 5,594 units of the P12 chassis were sold.

After WWII, the high cost of wood bodies and upkeep requirements began to drag on Woody sales.   All steel bodies were stronger, safer and easier to maintain.  In 1949 Plymouth introduced the first all steel station wagon called the Suburban.  Smaller than the Woody, the Suburban’s capacity was only 5 passengers

Wood construction posed a number of upkeep problems and without regular mainteance failed quickly.  Many restorations required replacement of significant portions of the wood body due to rot.  Not clear what the original restoration included but we like that it’s been kept true to its original condition.  Woodies saw a dramatic spike in prices several years ago but the market has cooled a bit.  Fords were clearing $100k with other makes not far behind.

This 1941 Plymouth Woody is for sale in Merriam, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Facebook Marketplace for full details and contact information.

One thought on “Classic early restoration 1941 Plymouth Woody – Merriam, KS

  1. Darren

    Good point on the “Woody Market”. Unless the pre-WWII cars are rare, in great condition, and “cool” the number of collectors will inevitably fall as the previous generation slows collecting. There is some carry-over from the SUV market right now that I think makes these more desirable. Good luck to the seller.