Early Japanese 1968 Toyota Corona RT52 – Louisberg, KS

Seller is offering an early Japanese 1968 Toyota Corona (not beer) with 44,000 miles showing on 6-digit odometer for $7,800.  Seller says he is just the 3rd owner of the vehicle and all parts used are factory original or rebuilt.  Less than 10,000 miles on rebuilt engine – seller says it runs great.  Includes original tools, jack and spare, owner’s manual, sales brochure, and receipts.

While over black vinyl exterior looks solid.  Body, chrome trim and paint are not flawless but we’d be curious if this is the original paint. Likewise, the black vinyl interior looks clean but for a tear in the driver’s seat.  If this is all original – this is a time capsule.   Toyota offers a number of different versions of the Corona and the 2-door hardtop coupe was the most popular.

The 1968 Corona represents the 3rd generation produces from 1964-1970.  The RT52 was equipped with a 18,79cc inline 4-cylinder engine which produced 90-hp and was paired with a 2-speed (yep, just 2) Toyoglide automatic transmission.  Why doesn’t Toyota have a “Toyoglide” transmission anymore?  This 1968 Toyota Corona is for sale in Louisberg, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and contact information.