Submit a Vehicle

Do you have a car for sale in the Kansas City area that you think should be featured?   Do you surf the web looking for cool, unusual, unique, rate, vintage, and hard-to-find vehicles? Whether a car that you are trying to sell or one that you’ve found on the internet, forward us your unique, cool, vintage, exotic cars to us and they may be featured.  We prioritize posting based on:

  1. Interest:  We favor vehicles that are unusual, vehicles in good shape, and vehicles with tasteful modifications.  Performance sports cars and vintage 4×4’s are the most popular
  2. Multiple High Quality Photos:  Multiple high quality photos that show all angles of the exterior, interior, and under the hood.
  3. Location:  We try to focus on vehicles close to the Kansas City area and within a 100 mile radius.
  4. Details: Ownership history, details about the vehicle condition, and maintenance/restoration history.

We typically try to highlight 4-6 cars a day so we are not able to feature every car that is forwarded to us.  If we do feature your car, we will credit the first reader who brings the car to our attention.  Send us your links at