Left-hand drive 1961 Land Rover Series II – Kansas City, MO

Seller offering a left-hand drive 1961 Land Rover Series II with odometer showing 53,000 miles at a reserve auction.  Current bid is $3,550 (6 bids) with auction ending Monday, 7/23, at 10:25 PM.  Originally a California car and meant for US sale (i.e. not a converted British version), seller says he has owned the vehicle for 12 year.   Chassis is reported to be rust free and seller has left the patina (i.e. vintage stickers and some rough paint).  Seller says the vehicle always starts, drives, brakes, and steers well.  Has added Rocky Mountain parabolic springs and shocks, rebuilt transfer case, Rocky Mountain Door tops, and near-new tires.  Includes original pickup hard top a number of spares and a brand new British wire harness.   Seller says this is a driver and gets attention whenever it’s on the road.

The Series II was the shortest run of the Series Land Rover vehicles, produced from 1958-1961.   The Series II was available in a 2-door SWB (88″) and 4-door LWB (109″) version.   Interesting that the LWB version included a 12 passenger configuration to take advantage of British tax law which exempted buses (12 seats or more) from purchase tax and special vehicle tax. The Series II was the 1st to use the 2.25L engine – a welcomed upgrade in power from its 2.0L predecessor and an increase from 52 hp to 72 hp.  This 1961 Land Rover Series II is for sale in Kansas City, Missouri.  Take a look at seller’s listing on eBay for full details and contact information.