News: Private Track Coming to StoneGate Motor Plaza?

We have heard different stories and rumors about the proposed track coming to StoneGate Motor Plaza in Stillwell, KS.    We heard that several rounds of approvals were necessary due to neighbor complaints about noise and traffic.  Our understanding is the track will made available to members and special events (i.e. it won’t be any louder/busier than the 69 highway running next to the property).  KCTV5 reports that StoneGate received approval for the track earlier this year and now it’s a matter of funding for the track to be built.   As with all of these endeavors it’s about location, location, location and we think there is room for success here.  We are optimistic that the crowds generated at StoneGate’s monthly Cars n’ Coffee event is an indicator of success.   Check out KCTV5’s report and let us know what you think.

Stonegate Motor Plaza hopes to give drivers place to punch throttle in Johnson County