Pair of Lamborghini Countach (kit cars) – Kansas City, MO

Seller offering a pair of Lamborghini Countach kit cars.  One step closer to owning the real thing – it’s better than the elementary school poster you probably had on your bedroom wall.   These Countach bodies are remarkably similar to the real thing.  The white vehicle is built on a Pontiac Fiero.   Seller says it runs and drives perfect and has been to numerous shows in the past 5 years.  At a price tag of $9,000, that’s probably less than the price of a major service on the real thing.

“Lambo” style doors, raised rear spoiler and a rear engine will definitely draw a lot of looks.   We were partial to the Andre Agassi white version.   Seller doesn’t offer any details on the red version.

While the Fiero based kit-cars are probably the most widely known, other kits have used the Toyota MR2, Porsche Boxster, and the Peugeot 406.  Kits start at $8,000 and go up significantly.

The Car Factory of Micco, Florida produces kits ranging from $8k-$75k (plus the price of the vehicle).  It’s Porsche Carrera GT kit is $40k plus the price of your Boxster and its Lamborghini Murcielago Spider is $55k plus the price of your Boxster.

These Lamborghini Countach kit cars are for sale in Kansas City, Missouri.  Check out seller’s listing on Facebook Marketplace for full details and seller’s contact information.18081802.jpg18081802book Marketplace for more details and contact information.