Partially Restored 1950 Ford “Snub Nose” COE – Olathe, KS

Seller offering a partially restored 1950 Ford COE with undisclosed miles for $17,500.  New paint and upholstery, seller shortened the frame 2′ and used a Cummins Diesel power-train from a 90’s Dodge Ram.  Appears to have tilt steering and a great looking wood steering wheel.  Wheels were custom made with 19.5″ tires.  Seller says it runs and drives but there are several misc. things that need to be finished.

We see a lot of hot rod and custom builds with these Snub Nose COE’s from car haulers to dump trucks to dropped with air bags, extended cab versions, and a lot more.  Let you imagination run wild as the dash, interior, and rear chassis remain unfinished.   This 1950 Ford COE “Snub Nose” is for sale in Olathe, Kansas.  Check out seller’s full listing on Craigslist for full details and contact information.