Pristine 2002 BMW M3 Convertible – Lawrence, KS

Seller offering a pristine 2002 BMW M3 Convertible with 76,500 miles for $14,500.  We’ll defer to the seller’s well written description and photos to describe this vehicle:

Up for sale is a well maintained 2002 BMW M3 convertible. Many consider the E46 M3 to be the best, and last true M3. It features a naturally aspirated inline-6 S54 engine, making 333 horsepower. With its consistent power over a flat torque curve, and a brilliant exhaust note from the stock exhaust, the E46 M3 is sure to provide a smile on those spirited Fall drives through the country.

The E46 M3 came with two transmission options: the SMG (automatic) transmission, and the transmission featured in this M3, the true 6 speed manual transmission. The SMG has developed a poor reputation for unreliable performance and costly maintenance. The 6 speed manual, on the other hand, is a brilliant piece of engineering, with quick shifts, smooth operation, and positive feedback.

Being a convertible, this M3 has all the performance of an M3 coupe, but also has the added benefit of a power soft top. The enjoyment of putting the top down on a nice Fall/Spring day and listening to that award-winning S54 engine is unmatched.

This M3 has seen consistent maintenance throughout its 76,500 miles. Most recently, the brake pads, rotors, and brake sensors were replaced on all 4 corners. New tires were fitted to the stock 17 wheels, and two new control arm bushings were replaced to maintain the factory ride and handling. An oil change, with the appropriate BMW M-TWIN POWER 10w-60 oil, has been performed. Additionally, the rear differential has been service with BMW’s SAF-XJ limited slip fluid with FM booster.

This M3 has been a daily driver for the last 7 months and has proven to be truly reliable. The car drives as you would expect from a vehicle with only 76,500 miles. There are no driveline or steering vibrations present, no check engine lights, nor are there any strange noises. The transmission shifts well with no grinding, and the clutch seems to holds well throughout the power range, though I do not have any documentation on if the clutch has been replaced. There is some seepage from the oil pan gasket, but nothing that has to be addressed in the near future. The recommended time for the oil pan gasket replacement would be when replacing the control arms due to ball joint degradation.

The interior looks great and has seen some replacement parts over the last year to maintain its appearance. The soft touch plastics in these vehicles weren’t the best, and over time, the soft touch paint will scrape away. The black soft touch plastics in the center console were replaced recently with factory parts, refreshing the most used, and often times most weathered areas. The shift boot and shift knob were also replaced with a BMW ZHP knob and boot. The gray seats show well, but do have some wear consistent with a car this age. Most specifically, the driver’s side bolster shows the most wear, but is certainly within acceptable range. The two back seats have some slight discoloration in their bases. All the gauges and lights work as expected with the exception of the temperature gauge. The needle on the temperature gauge simply never moves. You can, however, monitor the coolant temperature through the on board computer through a series of simple functions.

This M3 has a beautiful combination of Titanium Silver exterior, with the gray interior. The tinted windows and black top provide the contrast to the silver paint to make it really stand out. As seen in the pictures, the factory wheels do have some minor curb rash. The front bumper also has some curb rash under the two lowest parts. There is some slight damage to the passenger side of the bumper and front fender (pictured). It certainly isn’t terrible, but it’s something to take note of. There are some rub marks on each side of the rear bumper that have been treated with touch-up paint. Minor scratches around the car have been addressed with touch-up paint. There is no rust present, nor is there any major body damage.

This M3 is truly a fine example of what a 16 year old vehicle with low miles can be. As with any vehicle of this age, there are always areas that can be improved. But in my opinion, the deficiencies of this vehicle are minor and don’t take away from its overall presentation.

This 2002 BMW M3 is for sale in Lawrence, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and seller’s contact information.