Project ready 1971 Triumph GT6 – Lawrence, KS

Seller offering a pair of 1971 Triumph GT6 coupes with undisclosed miles for $6,500.  It looks like seller has done a lot of the work involved in a restoration – tracking down parts.  Includes 2 GT6s plus a complete engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential and many many more parts.  Seller says one of the vehicles was a daily commuter.  The other has been stripped for painting and includes triple Weber carburetors, air conditioning, a 4-speed transmission with overdrive and a manual sun roof.  Not sure if one of these is a donor car or both are eligible for full restorations.  Special thanks to Dan R for forwarding.

1971 represents the 2nd year of the MKIII GT6.   Still equipped with the 1996 inline 6-cylinder engine, changes from the MKII were largely cosmetic.  The rear end was cut-off, recessed door handles were added, and a smoother front end was designed.  While mechanics remained largely the same, the improved aerodynamics improved the top speed of 112 mph, 0-60 of 10.1 seconds

Not nearly as popular as its MGB competition, only 13,042 MK III’s were made from 1970-1973

Mixed reviews on handling, we’ve heard these are more akin to a touring car than high performance.  The market for the GT6 remains attainable for most of us and fits in the smaller garages.  May need extra garage space for the additional vehicle and parts though. This pair of 1971 Triumph GT6’s are for sale in Lawrence, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for full details and contact information.