Salvage Title 2007 BMW M6 – Kansas City, MO

Seller offering a salvage title 2007 BMW M6 with 24,221 miles for $20,450.   Either a diamond in the rough or a lemon, seller says this vehicle has a salvage title due to water damage.  Coincidence that we’ve featured the 1988 on the same day?   We’ll do a bit of comparison – feel free to correct us if we don’t have every comparison straight. 2007 represents a bit more than 20 years after the debut of the first 6-series modified by the M-division.   The M6 is equipped with a 500-hp V10 and 7-speed sequential manual gearbox (i.e. paddle shifter) and a traditional 6-speed manual (i.e. third pedal).   This vehicle appears to be equipped with the traditional 6-speed manual.

500-hp is almost twice as many as the 1988.  The 0-60 time of 6.1 seconds of the 1988 was improved by nearly 2 seconds (4.2 to be exact) while the curb weight of the coupe increased 200 lbs from 3,569 to 3,770.   Top speed of the newer generation was limited to 205 mph.

The M6 is distinguished from the 630i, 645Ci and 650i by the front air intakes, more contoured sides, aerodynamic side rear view mirror, and additional rear valance with diffuser and the lack of fog lights.   Only 703 M6 were produced with an actual 6-speed manual gearbox.  Of those, only 378 were convertibles.  The original MSRP was $108,150.   This 2007 BMW M6 is for sale in Kansas City, Missouri.  Check out seller’s listing on Facebook Marketplace for more details and seller’s contact information.