Survivor 1978 Toyota Chinook Camper -Lawrence, KS

Seller offering a cherry 1978 Toyota Chinook pop-top camper with 49,000 miles for $9,000.   Probably one the only RV’s that can be parked in a normal garage, seller says this Chinook very original example is in very good shape.  Camper functions still operate well (i.e. water, furnace with thermostat, stove, and new fridge), interior and exterior lighting has been upgraded to LED, new seats, cushions, and curtains, engine upgrades, and newer batteries (both deep-cycle and starter).   Seller notes that the Navajo design vinyl wrap conceals hail damage but can be easily removed.   A number of original parts also included in the sale. Hard not to smile when you see one of these in person.

1978 represents the last year of the Toyota Chinook production.  After a 2-years of development between Toyota and Chinook, in 1971 the companies announced a 5-year agreement to manufacture and market the Toyota Chinook in the United States.  Using the Toyota Hi-Lux cab and chassis the motorhome was exclusively sold at Toyota dealers.  The initial agreement called for a minimum of 4,000 units in the first year with as many as 10,000 in subsequent years.  Production began in 1973 with a price range around $5,000.  The 110″ unit was meant to accommodate 2 adults and 1-2 children.  With the top down, the height of the ceiling height is 51″ while with the top up it can accommodate someone who is 6′ 2″.  When the top is up, two sipper windows with screen add ventilation.  This Toyota Chinook is for sale in Lawrence, Kansas.  Check out seller’s listing on Craigslist for more details and contact information.