UPDATE: 1967 Chevrolet G10 Boogie Van – Kansas City, MO

** UPDATE 8/06/18: Winning bidder backed out on previous auction.  Seller says that buyer backed out due “girlfriend” approval and suggests making sure your significant other approves before bidding.  Feel free to comment on what you think that buyer-significant other conversation sounded likeRelisted on eBay with current bid of $2,100 (16 bids) and auction ending 8/11/18 at 12:24 pm**

** UPDATE 7/24/18:  No reserve auction ended 7/22 with a winning bid of $4,700 **

7/18/18: Seller offering 1967 Chevy G10 Van with undisclosed miles at no reserve auction and current bid of $3,700.  Auction ends Sunday, 7/22, at 9:10 pm.  Not sure there are words that can describe everything this Van offers.  The paint, decals, wheels, and wheel flares all tell a story that we want to know more about.  Step inside and the custom painting featuring the van might be the nicest touch.   A daily driver, updated, and clearly taken care of by the owner it’s not without flaws that are outlined in the listing.

We generally try to add some details and commentary about the particular make/model of vehicle we feature but some things cannot be put into words.  Check out the seller’s listing on eBay for more details and all contact information.


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: 1967 Chevrolet G10 Boogie Van – Kansas City, MO

  1. D Smith

    Boyfriend: Hey babe – I bought a cool van on eBay

    Girlfriend: What does it say on the back of it?

    Boyfriend: Um, it’s in-cursive. Something about boomerangs

    Girlfriend: I’m pretty sure that says poontang

    Boyfriend: Do you like it?

    Girlfriend: You better not buy that van or else this poontang boomerang is leaving you…

  2. THart25

    Ha – I like it. My wife would kill me if I even looked at this. I’d be sleeping in the van if I bought it. That being said, I’m hoping the next owner takes it to the next level with an interior build-out – shag carpet, bed, velour wall coverings, chandelier, crazy horn. Don’t touch the stereo though. This is awesome.

  3. JagBrit

    Props to the seller for building this 70’s time capsule. Not perfect but it has more personality than 99.9% of other vehicles on the road. Might be surprised to see some accountant with a pocket protector cruising Overland Park to pick up groceries at the local Price Chopper.

    Wife: Bob, what the hell is in the driveway
    Bob: My *&#$ wagon
    Wife: Bob, get the $%* out of the house
    Bob: okay