Volvo 240 (live auction 6/18)- Gardener, KS

Very few details to share on this 1991 Volvo 240 other than the odometer shows 126,998 miles.   Pictures show silver exterior, blue cloth interior, automatic transmission, power windows/locks, and a sunroof.  All of the pictures indicate this is a very clean example.  No rips/tears in the interior or any signs of dents/rust on the exterior.  Offered via Ron Stricker’s Auction in Gardener, Kansas it will be auctioned live on Monday, June 18.  No information on whether there is a reserve.

The 240 series were produced by Volvo for nearly 20 years (1975-1993).  Not known for their power, the “Slow Swedes” gained momentum rather than accelerating. The 2.4L 4-cylinder engine was known for its reliability and longevity and many high-mileage versions continue to be on the road today.  Check out the internet for examples of Volvo 240 accidents in which drivers are surprisingly unhurt.  A perfect teen car (may prefer a stick shift to minimize cell phone use) these are relatively easy to work on and parts are not exorbitant.    Available for inspection during business hours and prior the auction, bid live or submit a bid if you cannot attend.  Check out the website for contact information: