Weekend Ready 1972 Winnebago D-18 BRAVE – Platte City, MO

Seller offering a cherry shagarific, wallpapered, burnt orange 1972 Winnebago D-18 BRAVE with 98,000 miles for $7,000.   The D18 was Winnebago’s 18′ version – equipped with a two pull out beds, a bunk above the driver/passenger front seats, shower/bath in rear and a kitchen with range, oven, and fridge. Seller says the engine has been rebuilt, all new shocks and airbags in rear. Seller discloses that the fridge isn’t working and coper water lines under the vehicle need to be replaced.   Seller says runs and drives great – breaks work beyond amazing.

We like the advertising copy in the Winnebago ad below “When we designed and built the D-18 BRAVE, we chose a heavy duty Dodge motor chassis.  A rugged chassis with dual rear wheels for road stability and load capacity.  With complete visibility of the road ahead, you’ll drive with the peace of mind that only a vehicle designed as a real motor home can provide.  Why should you accept anything else?”

Cross countryor around the state, you’ll be powered by a big V-8, 218 cubic inch Dodge engine with automatic transmission, power brakes, and power steering. Your D-18 BRAVE will handle as easily as the family station wagon.  Gals, in particular, find the D-18 a pleasure to drive.  

Driving features aside, perhaps the most impressive thing about our new D-18 is the roomy floor plan.  You’ll find plenty of room to move around.  Room to relax. Room to store the basic essentials for those short weekend trips.  Or when you’re bound on those longer vacation hours.  We haven’t wasted an inch of space.  And we didn’t cut back on standard equipment features that make motor home travel a pure and simple delight.  

Before you decide on something less, test drive the new D-18 BRAVE.  Then honestly shop and compare our D-18 BRAVE with converted delivery vans or other stripped down models.  You’ll discover that dollar for dollar, nut for bolt, the Winnebago D-18 BRAVE is your best motor home buy.”  This 1972 Winnebago D-18 BRAVE is for sale in Platte City, Missouri.   Check out seller’s listing on Facebook Marketplace for full details and contact information.