What have been your favorite posts?

We have featured over 200 cars in the past 2 months and are curious – what are the favorite cars that we’ve featured?  Share your top 5 in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Our top 5 :

1982 Euro Spec Porsche 911 Turbo: air cooled and whale fin – must we say more?

1959 Triumph TR3: low miles, original paint, looks prefect

1964 Mercedes 230SL:  A classic

1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: classic early SUV in great shape

1972 Ford Bronco: Although we are a part of the Bronco herd – we were early on the bandwagon

3 thoughts on “What have been your favorite posts?

    • GarageLust KC


      Thank you for the feedback – we will keep an eye on early Porsches when they are available. Forward anything you are aware of that we might not catch!


  1. Eric S

    1. The black 1978 Bronco
    2. The red and (today) green K5 Blazers
    3. The 82 Euro spec Porsche
    4. Anything involving Ferrari (not in the market but like looking – are there more for sale in KC that we don’t know about?)
    5. S65 Mercedes